Written by Mark Fernandes, HIM Communications Coordinator, HIM LM

Health Information Management in partnership with Fraser Health is celebrating the completion of the Forms on Demand and Scanning and Archiving implementations.

Picture shows->Leaders, project managers and staff from multiple departments from HIM and Fraser Health celebrated the FOD Scanning Project completion on March 28, 2017 at Central City offices in Surrey.


“This is a huge success story,” said Yoel Robens-Paradise, vice president of clinical and systems transformation and Lower Mainland Health Information Management. “It takes longevity and tenacity to oversee this project, and the cooperation between all the different departments to row together in the same boat. You can really see how this is a multi-departmental process that is required with these kinds of transformations.”

The journey started back in 2008 at Abbotsford Regional Hospital and completed in October 2016 at Ridge Meadows Hospital. 

Since project completion, clinicians have had access to an electronic health record that is widely accessible across Fraser Health acute sites.

Scanning provides immediate patient information access for clinicians – they no longer have to wait for the paper charts for patient information. It will also save Fraser Health approximately $3.3 million over the next 10 years from the reduction costs of external rent storage and supplies associated with paper records.

The foundation of scanning is based on Forms on Demand (aka FormImprint) where paper documents are printed with bar-coded form and patient identifiers so that they may be automatically indexed when they are scanned.

“I’m incredibly proud of the teamwork, the results and the benefit that everyone going through Fraser Health will achieve from a more integrated record management solution,” said Philip Barker, vice president, planning, informatics and analytics.

Another milestone checked for Fraser Health for ensuring patient records are accessible electronically for care teams and providers.

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