Written by Linda Dempster, Vice President, Patient Experience

The provincial “What Matters to You Day” campaign encourages patients and care providers to ask what matters, listen to what matters, and do what matters.

The simple act of listening can be one of our most powerful tools to improve the patient experience. When we ask what matters, listen to what matters, and do what matters, we are truly offering quality patient and family-centred care.

On June 6, along with our colleagues across the province, we are celebrating “What Matters to You?” Day. On that day, we are inviting patients and health care providers across the province to make time for conversations about what matters most to the people who are receiving care. Providers are challenged to ask that simple question—“What matters to you?”—and then truly listen to the answer. Patients are encouraged to reflect on their needs and come to health visits prepared to speak about them. The ultimate goal is encouraging deeper conversations, greater empathy and strong relationships between providers and patients in B.C.

Taking part is easy. Sign up now at the “What Matters to You?” campaign page to show your commitment to patient- and family-centred care. Then, on June 6, have a conversation about what matters. If you are a health care provider, ask your patients or clients that simple question: “What matters to you?” If you are a patient, we invite you to take time before your visit to reflect on what matters most to you, and to share it with your health care provider.

“What Matters to You?” Day started in Norway in 2014, to encourage meaningful conversations between patients, caregivers and families, and health care providers, and has since spread around the world.

Providing patient- and family-centred care is important because it results in better outcomes for patients and greater satisfaction with care. “What Matters to You?” Day supports this by putting patients’ voices at the centre of care, and focusing on what matters to them. When a health care provider starts a conversation by asking what really matters to the person they are caring for, it helps them to build trust, develop empathy and understand their patients. Ultimately, it improves the quality of care they provide.

You can find more resources, including a Getting Started Guide and presentation template, at www.whatmatterstoyoubc.ca

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