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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at the Eagle Ridge Hospital asthma clinic, Royal Columbian, Surrey Memorial, Abbotsford Regional, Peace Arch and Langley Memorial hospitals.

We as a family have had several visits to the emergency room in the past as well as hospital admissions due to my boy’s asthma. After nine years of constant visits to the hospital, we were redirected to the asthma clinic at Eagle Ridge Hospital. I was surprised to see the resources available to educate patients and parents, and to see that someone took the time to explain in detail how medication works and the link between tests, reports and action plans. I wish I had someone explaining this to me with detail years ago. It could have helped my boys and saved me few trips to emergencies.

Thanks to Eric for his time and patience, and for the tools provided including the peak flow meter.
Please redirect every family whose kids are ill. It'll bring peace in their minds and the proper action plan to help their kids. Knowledge is very important and you can help.

I have nothing but praise for the staff (at Royal Columbian Hospital). I am sorry I don't know last names but Brent, James, Sue, Leslie, Malory and all the others were consistently caring, tender, hardworking, attentive and conscientious. They went out of their way to help and care for all of their patients. Please let the staff in 3 North know that I appreciate everything they did for me and the other patients.

My 9 year old daughter was in (the Surrey Memorial Hospital pediatric emergency) for severe back pain and vomiting. While there, she ended up rapidly going into a panic attack. I was pretty sure that was what was going on, however, I called the nearest RN just to check her. I think her name is Alana and she has longer pink hair. It was very busy that day but despite that, Alana did what she could to try and get my daughter to focus on her. As she needed to get back to her other duties, she asked for a lovely lady named Paula. Paula was SO fabulous!! She definitely has a special gift!! She got my daughter settled down, while the entire time treating her with dignity and when my daughter was feeling better even stayed to explain what had happened and how she could avoid it in the future. My thanks to both ladies that day.

As luck would have it, my daughter ended up back in the ER for a possible cracked wrist while injured at school two weeks later. I had time to observe these two ladies in action with other patients. GREAT JOB!!

On our wrist re-check, we had the RN Ken helping us. He is also really great!! Funny and nice. What a great group of staff you have working in the Peds ER. Thanks to all.

I would like to thank you for the amazing care that I received from your staff at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital this weekend.

I arrived at Emergency at 3 a.m. with severe kidney pain. I was admitted quickly and the staff from registration to nursing to the physician all exhibited an abundance of competence, experience, optimism and care.

Within the hour, I'd passed triage and was on a bed with a fluid IV and urine and bloodwork underway. By 4:15 a.m. they were satisfied that it was a kidney stone and had administered pain control.

By 6:00 a.m. I was strong enough to go home.

The next day I had a CAT and Dr. Ryan interpreted that the stone was about to pass out of the kidney. That night it passed.

I cannot tell you how impressed I was by your staff and just want their bosses to know how amazing all of them are.

Health care in Canada, with our aging demographics are under constant financial strain as well as criticism from the public. After my experience with your facility I saw no sign of the former affecting the quality of care that you provide and with respect to the latter, I will be a staunch defender and supporter of you going forward.

Thanks again and best regards.

My husband and I were in the ER (at Langley Memorial Hospital) this weekend with our eight year old autistic son. The doctor who helped up was, I believe, Dr. Carolyn. We did not get a last name. We were absolutely amazed at her kindness, compassion and ability to work with our son. If she was available for private practice we would not hesitate to beg her to take our son as a patient. Seriously, she was amazing and I hope that this message gets to her. She made a stressful situation much easier to deal with and we are incredibly grateful.

My mother was recently admitted to Abbotsford Hospital to the ICU ward. She is much better now and is currently awaiting a transfer to Ridge Meadows Hospital to be closer to home. I am writing to say how amazed I was with the facility and the astounding level of care provided in the ICU. The nurses and doctors where very kind and incredibly understanding, I have a large family of very large people and they accommodated everyone when we came to visit and did not mind that we stayed as long as we wanted. I am unsure if it is standard practice to have unrestricted visitations in the ICU but regardless if it’s policy, they worked tirelessly around us and without complaint. They made a very difficult and stressful time more bearable with their actions as I had full trust in them to do their very best to help my mother. I know it isn't much but I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know what an amazing job you are all doing in Abbotsford. Big thanks to all of you.

Forever in your debt.

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