Written by Oliver De La Paz, Coordinator, Health Informatics-Advanced Clinical Systems-Acute

Access to MEDITECH® Mobile Rounds app on a smartphone gives information where and when it is needed.

As health care delivery shifts more and more towards patient-centred, value-based models, mobile technologies have the potential to redefine the way patient care is delivered. In the hands of health care providers, mobile technology allows for interaction with patients and their health information in new ways.

This past October, the Health Informatics department introduced the MEDITECH® Mobile Rounds application to a pilot group of Fraser Health physicians. MEDITECH® Mobile Rounds provides physicians with access to the electronic health record (MEDITECH® EMR) for their patients from their personal mobile phone or tablet. The application allows physicians to interact with their patient lists, access laboratory results and imaging reports, and display clinical information such as intake and output, vital signs, medications, and allergies.

Having mobile access to patient information allows the physician to step away from the computer and interact with patients and the health care team in new ways by getting the information they need when and where they want. It goes without saying that mobile technology and security go hand in hand. Considered in the context of health care information, the importance of security is amplified; when accessing the electronic health record via a mobile device every precaution must be undertaken to ensure the security and integrity of sensitive information is maintained.

Fraser Health has implemented AirWatch, a mobile device management platform to provide secure access to business and clinical apps (e.g., email and MEDITECH® Mobile Rounds) from personal devices. AirWatch provides an extra level of security and management capabilities for our internal business and clinical apps. Since enrolling the first group of early adopters last fall, the response to MEDITECH® Mobile Rounding has been positive.

We look forward to seeing more and more Fraser Health providers benefit from secure, mobile access to patient health information through MEDITECH® Mobile Rounding. If you are a physician and interested in gaining access to MEDITECH® Mobile Rounds, you can get more information and begin the enrollment process in the Orientation and Training section of the FH medical staff website.

For one-on-one training, please contact FHHealthInformaticsAcuteClinical@fraserhealth.ca.

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