Written by Lorne Baron, Safety Consultant, Workplace Health

May 7 to 13 is North American Occupational Health and Safety Week. This annual event increases awareness all year-long to help reduce injuries and illness in the workplace.

In March 2017 at Fraser Health, there were 315 incidents reported to the Call Centre with 120 accepted WorkSafeBC claims.

Common Incidents at Fraser Health for March 2017 

Patient handling 69 incidents, 43 accepted claims
Violence 54 incidents, 16 accepted claims
Blood and body fluid exposures 26 incidents, 14 accepted claims

We can make safety a habit

  • Conduct a mobility assessment before moving patients, residents or clients, to determine the safest method. Instead of just “lifting”, think about assessment and patient handling equipment options. Check the mobility assessment algorithms for assistance.
  • Complete your violence prevention education and training, follow the ALERT system and know your Code White response process. The Fraser Health Violence Prevention Program includes tools and resources designed for your safety.
  • Activate safety engineered sharps, dispose in sharps containers and use protective equipment including gloves, eye protection or an N95 respirator when required. To learn more, see the Fraser Health Biological Hazards and Sharps Safety.

North American Occupational Health and Safety Week is a great way to help make health and safety a habit. If you have ideas about making your workplace safer, talk to your supervisor or manager, or contact your local Safety Committee or worker representative.

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