Written by Deanna Harrison, Program Leader, Workplace Health

In February, there were 352 Workplace Health incidents reported to the Call Centre in total with 149 incidents accepted as claims. Today we focus on patient handling incidents in our sites.

There were 46 Workplace Health incidents due to patient handling in February. Of these 24 incidents resulted in injury claims – that’s almost one per day. These incidents typically result in a sprain or strain injury to an employee due to manually moving a patient, resident or client. In 2016, patient handling was the top source of injury to employees accounting for over 25 per cent of total claims and 35 per cent of total claims costs.

The biggest causes of health care worker injury related to patient handling occur during manual bed repositioning and with manual transfers when a patient is not able to assist. Assessment and observation are important. Use the mobility algorithms to establish a safe method of transfer or repositioning based on the client’s abilities. For example, if a patient is not able to follow directions, or does not understand, or is unable to assist with a transfer or with repositioning, use assistive devices.

Top incidents reported in February:

  1. Violence (18 per cent or 62 incidents, 16 accepted claims)
  2. Slips, trips (16 per cent or 56 incidents, 28 accepted claims)
  3. Patient handling (13 per cent or 46 incidents, 24 accepted claims)
  4. Communicable disease (10 per cent or 35 incidents, 17 accepted claims)
  5. Blood and body fluid exposures or needlesticks (nine per cent or 33 incidents, 19 accepted claims)

For more information on safe client handling, including mobility assessment algorithms visit our FHPulse Safe Client Handling page.

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