Finger on touchphone using Automated Shift Callout
Written by Ashley Schatroph, Quality Improvement Coordinator, Staffing Services

Have you suddenly stopped receiving text messages from Automated Shift Callout, but haven’t made any changes to your contact preferences? Make sure your number is unblocked from the system.

It is likely that you have accidentally “blocked” your number from receiving messages from the ASC system.

Blocking your number consists of texting the words "cancel", "stop", or “unsubscribe” in response to an text message from ASC. These key words trigger the Canadian Anti-Spam legislation, which requires our service provider to block or “blacklist” your number. Our service provider is unable to send any further messages to that number, until the employee unblocks the number.

To unblock your number and start receiving ASC text message again, please text "start" to any previous ASC shift offer or to (778) 401-9244. This will allow our service provided to lift the block on your number.

All shift offers sent during the time your number was blocked, are available in your Employee Web Portal.

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