Written by Diane Wild, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Why am I waiting in the emergency department? Can dementia be prevented? How can we use patient experiences to improve the quality of care? This roundup of links from around the web explores these questions.

Why am I waiting in the Emergency Department?

Now playing on Fraser Health’s digital signage network, this whiteboard video from Dr. Mike Evans explains the triage system in emergency departments in a simple and compelling way.

Reflections on public health issues in Canada

The Globe and Mail's health reporter André Picard discusses his new book with TVO’s current affairs program.

Nine lifestyle changes can reduce dementia risk, study says

BBC reports on a study in The Lancet that claims one in three cases of dementia could be prevented or delayed, and provides strategies to reduce the risk.

The doctor who took on death

Maclean's magazine profiles a physician working in palliative care who, "in an agonizing personal and professional decision, opted to help patients with their final wish."

Sharing experiences of illness and care

A study from JAMA Internal Medicine explores using the patient experience to improve the quality of care.

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