Written by Diane Wild, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

A Toronto hospital using virtual reality to grant wishes to patients, advice on coping with stressful public events, and more.

Virtual reality therapy grants final wishes to terminally ill

CBC’s The National profiles how a Toronto hospital uses virtual reality to grant dying patients a last wish. 

Helping children and teens cope with stressful public events

The Canadian Paediatric Society offers advice for how you can help your children stay calm and understand their feelings when the world seems like a confusing and scary place.

Help: When The News Is Crushing You, But You Can’t Look Away

From Chatelaine and Dr. Donna Ferguson, a psychologist at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health: "Taking a break from your social feeds can seem impossible when the news cycle is non-stop. Here’s how it may be affecting your mental health, and what you can do about it."

Having a patient in the room has changed the way we look at serious incidents

The BMJ blog profiles two doctors on how they work proactively with patients and the benefits of doing so.

Read this if you have a frail loved one

CBC's Dr. Brian Goldman explains what frailty in seniors looks like and how to prevent it. 

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