Written by Sarah Metcalfe, Consultant, Clinical Program Development, Frail Elderly-Older Adult

Early and regular mobilization supports recovery and reduces the rate of complications for our patients. Thank you to the 896 staff and physicians across Fraser Health who responded to the survey on the culture of patient mobilization.

Seventy-eight year old George had heart surgery at Royal Columbian Hospital last year. Part of George’s recovery included an education and exercise program designed for people with heart problems. After his operation, George and his wife Carol were given post-op instructions to help his recovery which included getting out of bed.

“I was afraid of falling after my surgery. While I knew my own strength, I felt that it was taken away.” George’s nurses encouraged and supported him to get up to shower and to get weighed every day. “They taught me how to log roll and how to protect my chest and incision, and gave me daily reminders to help me become more mobile.”

Carol and their daughter Susan brought all of their learning home and to this day, Susan reminds her father to park in the furthest parking spot. Carol has joined the movement and now asks George where he wants to walk instead of if he wants to walk.

“We’ve made it a part of our lifestyle. A few times a week we pack a picnic lunch and walk down to the river.” As George’s story describes, mobilization takes many forms and has a positive impact on health and recovery. We want to continue to foster this culture of mobilization across Fraser Health.

Thank you to the 896 staff and physicians who responded to the patient mobilization survey. We heard from colleagues in many disciplines in acute care, residential care, and community services across the region. You told us that mobilization takes many forms, improves outcomes, and that you have confidence in assessing mobility. We also heard about opportunities for learning and improvement in areas such as communication, resources, education, and roles and responsibilities.

View the survey results and learn more about the importance of mobility.

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