Written by Joshua Myers, Director, Patient Experience, Professional Practice

Roseanne was one of five winners of the I Made a Difference contest, winning a free pass to the upcoming Quality Forum.

Roseanne Chan, a member of Burnaby Hospital’s Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Clinic, was recently selected as one of five winners of the “I Made a Difference Campaign” which recognises the everyday contributions of our staff to patient safety, quality and patient experience.

In January 2017, Roseanne and her teammates Michele (patient care coordinator) and Meghan (unit clerk), in collaboration with the clinic’s surgeons, decided to streamline the process for how they assess and treat patients in their clinic. Prior to January, patients were usually referred to the clinic directly from their GP. Once patients were determined to be eligible by the surgeon, they would go home and wait for a call for surgery. When that call came, they usually had only a few weeks to prepare, and were offered a pre-surgical course which gave them a lot of information in a short period of time. Roseanne and her team were seeing that patients were confused, overwhelmed and were not always coming to surgery prepared for the procedure or recovery.

Thanks to some innovative and creative thinking by Roseanne and her team, they developed a triage process where a clinic nurse now meets with patients early and provides them with all of the information and education they need to understand their options, the surgery, risks and benefits, and are able to ask questions to make the best decisions about their care. This new process means that patients are better informed, know what to expect and can better manage their pre-surgical and post-surgical care.

After they meet with the surgeon, they are given a surgery date and then have time to do their surgical preparation including exercises, get the equipment they will need and come to surgery physically, mentally and practically ready for the procedure and subsequent recovery. Early education has been shown to decrease length of stay, post-surgical complications and improve patient experience.

Roseanne and her team recently received a Fraser Health innovation grant and are using this funding to develop an app. View the education and information about the clinic.

When asked what she is most proud of in this work, without hesitation she said “I am most proud of my team. We are supportive of each other and we are able to share ideas and be creative.”

Continuous improvement is in her blood. When asked about what’s next, she says “there is always room for improvement. I am always asking myself whether there is something I can do next time to make care even better.”

Congratulations Roseanne and keep up the great work.

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