Written by Joshua Myers, Director, Patient Experience, Professional Practice

Ryan is one of five winners of the "I Made a Difference Campaign". The winners won a free pass to the 2018 Quality Forum.

Ryan MacKay is a member of Burnaby Hospital’s Patient Navigation Team and he was recently selected as one of five winners of the “I Made a Difference Campaign”, which recognizes the everyday contributions of our staff to patient safety, quality and patient experience.

The Patient Navigation Team facilitates opportunities for frontline staff to review quality indicators and to develop their own measurable plans of action. Beyond improving patient care, frontline teams are encouraged to consider how their efforts will impact the patient experience, staff experience, use of resources, and alignment with Fraser Health strategic priorities.

Ryan is an engaging, enthusiastic and well-respected staff member at Burnaby Hospital. His collaborative and supportive approach has helped him build strong relationships across the site and has accelerated his ability to be effective in his role. Ryan has been instrumental in facilitating quality improvement initiatives, bringing Releasing Time to Care to Burnaby Hospital, implementing the Real-Time Patient Experience Survey, preparing for accreditation and working in partnership with patient partners on quality improvement and staff education.

Ryan is most proud of the work to remove Kardex from all medical and surgical units at Burnaby Hospital. This has had a positive impact on communication and 48/6. Ryan is also proud when he sees the teams he works with invested and engaged in improvement work.

“The real currency of our work is when we’ve sparked engagement and enthusiasm in a person or team, and then watch them become champions and leaders within their units,” said Ryan.

Ryan describes his biggest learning since being in his role has been to engage people one on one. Every unit has a culture, a way of doing things, and people who are stronger influencers than others. By not only engaging teams as a whole, but also spending time one on one with people, Ryan says that you can learn about each person’s interests, motivations and then help people see opportunity rather than limitations.

Congratulations Ryan and keep up the great work!

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