Written by Noel Francisco, Clinical Information Specialist, Registered Nurse

Staff that work alone and provide community based health care services may encounter many workplace hazards (e.g. unfriendly pets, violence, etc.) which increases their risk of injury.

One of the key requirements within the Working Alone Program (WAP) is the requirement to identify and assess hazards that staff may encounter before working alone so that control measures can be implemented to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury.

The Client/Site Risk Assessment (CSRA) is the tool that has been incorporated within PARIS for Home and Community Care and Mental Health to meet this requirement. A working group including representatives from Home Health, Home Support, Service Line, Mental Health and the Working Alone Program have met over the past year to redesign the Client/Site Risk Assessment in PARIS to better meet the needs of staff.

Changes outlined below have been incorporated and the new form is now ready for release into the PARIS LIVE system:

  • Quick identification of hazards and risks by site at the time of providing client services with the use of a new Viewer / Report that displays all Active CSRAs.
  • Easier form navigation and quicker entry by using a copy forward approach to documentation where Clinicians can review, confirm, and add to the previous CSRA.
  • Inclusion of many “tool tips” to assist with process and risk identifications.
  • All identified risks/hazards will require control measures to be noted.
  • The CSRA Alert that is mandatory when risks or restrictions exist will be automatically maintained when CSRA are created/updated/ended.
  • CSRA will be linked to the Addresses’ attached to the client; CSRA are only active if the linked address is active. There can only be one active CSRA per site/address.
  • UCI will now show CSRA in the Clinical Documents.
  • Added a Review Date to CSRA and will introduce a new report feature in early 2018 to ensure CSRA is maintained and current.

Prior to Go LIVE, the PARIS team will provide skype education sessions, new resource materials and videos to assist the transition. Announcements about this change and the transition will be sent to all PARIS users in the coming days. Go live date for the new CSRA for PARIS users is scheduled for December 12, 2017.

Questions related to this initiative can be sent to paris@fraserhealth.ca

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