Written by Joshua Myers, Director, Patient Experience, Professional Practice

A new Pulse page, process and tools to help teams engagement patients and families.

Over the last several years there has been an increased focus on meaningfully including patients, clients, residents and families in the design, delivery and evaluation of health care services. How patient voices are incorporated into our system is a fundamental component of patient and family centred care. Engaging patients in our organization, at all levels, improves the way we design services, deliver care and has a significant positive impact on the patient experience. Patient engagement is also foundational to the patient and family centred care standards in accreditation.

Engaging patients at Fraser Health has just been made easier. We are pleased to introduce the Patient Engagement Toolkit which is a suite of resources to help staff and teams identify opportunities for engagement, develop engagement plans, recruit and select suitable patient advisors and evaluate the engagement opportunity.

You can find these new resources on the Patient Engagement Pulse Page. Patients are currently engaged in many ways across Fraser Health including:

  • Patient Advisory Councils
  • Hospital re-development
  • Patient education development/review
  • Policy development/review
  • Leadership interview panels
  • Quality improvement
  • Quality committees
  • Program development and evaluation
  • Strategic planning

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