Written by Alanna Haberstock, Manager, Volunteer Resources, Volunteer Resources

Ridge Meadows Hospital staff were offered a chance to fill their cup with puppies, hot chocolate and cookies.

December is a stressful time of year: the weather is dreary, it’s cold and flu season, and we have so many extra responsibilities with the holiday season. It can be difficult to remember to fill your own cup and take care of yourself.

The staff at Ridge Meadows Hospital were given a bit of help filling their cup and taking a break from their hectic schedules with some puppy love. Seven black lab pups came in to visit and cuddle with staff, who enjoyed some quality one-on-one time with a puppy and then had a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie before heading back to work with a smile on their face to share with their patients, residents and clients.

It is a busy time of year but with some help from the Ridge Meadows Hospital Wellness Committee and our Code K9 Volunteers, we were able to give staff the opportunity to take a few minutes for themselves, relax and enjoy the company of a furry friend. "Best day ever!" was the most common comment heard by staff as they left with a full cup and a smile.

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