Written by Tracy Irwin, Senior Leader, Strategic Priorities

Meet the successful innovation grant applications and follow their progress in the months to come.

As we continue to work toward a system that better promotes health and wellness as well as illness prevention and management, we look for opportunities to solve familiar challenges in new ways. Sparking and supporting innovation is one way Fraser Health can continue to work towards a health system that adapts to meet the changing and sometimes complex needs of the individuals we serve.

To us, innovation means generating, sharing and implementing new ideas to improve performance and patient-centred care. We’ve already seen examples of local provider-led initiatives that have made a big difference to patients and families. We have partnered with our Fraser Health Hackathon winners, which has helped us take a different perspective on some of our business challenges.  And by co-creating projects with patients or community physicians, we have been able to find and test solutions that would not have been possible on our own.  Over the coming months, we will be working to build our innovation capacity and add to our successes.

In June, our President and CEO Michael Marchbank announced funding for community-based innovation grants, aimed at projects that aligned with our strategic priorities, could be scalable to other areas, and, of course, that sparked innovation. More than 120 applications were submitted from across Fraser Health, then reviewed by Executive Directors and Vice Presidents -- with 40 project groups awarded grants to test and grow their ideas.

Visit FH Pulse for a list of the successful grant applications and stay tuned for updates on their progress.

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