Finger on touchphone using Automated Shift Callout
Written by Ashley Schatroph, Quality Improvement Coordinator, Staffing Services

The Workforce Optimization and Staffing Services Team is excited to announce the upcoming rollout of a new Automated Shift Callout (ASC) system.

Who is included in the ASC rollout?

All departments and units supported by Staffing Services and scheduled on the Environment for Scheduling Personnel (ESP) across the organization are included. This will be the new standard model for communicating shift offers with the exception of advanced block booking.

How will this benefit the organization?

ASC eliminates manual calls made to relief staff, allowing shifts to be filled more quickly and efficiently while providing employees with the flexibility to determine how and when they want to be contacted. This allows staffing to offer shifts further in advance providing the opportunity for employees to better plan their lives. It will also allow units to proactively address any outstanding needs ensuring our patients have the health care providers required to care for them.

What is ASC?

ASC is a communications tool used by Staffing Services to send multiple shift offers simultaneously, receive bids, and award shifts to employees via interactive voice phone calls, text messages, emails and online. It will replace the manual process of calling out shifts. Employees will be able to use ASC to self-manage their contact preferences, to bid on shift offers and to view their shift offer history.

When will ASC be rolled out?

The ASC rollout is planned to proceed in April 2017 in a phased approach across the organization. Open houses will be held for employees at the sites prior to go-live. Sites will be provided with more details about their open house and go-live dates shortly.

How do I prepare?

Information, frequently asked questions, and instructional videos are all available on FH Pulse. Employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the materials available.

The open house schedule as well as further instructions on how to access the employee portal will be made available shortly. If you have any questions and/or would like any additional information, please contact and visit our FH Pulse page.

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