Energy Savings
Written by Mauricio A. Acosta, Director, Facilities Management – Corporate Services, Energy & Environmental Sustainability (EES)

BC Hydro recognizes Fraser Health for achieving the most energy savings as a percentage of total consumption in the health care sector for three years running.

“It’s exciting to see we are doing our part to help reduce the carbon footprint on the planet,” says Robert Bradley, Energy Manager.

“It’s the result of a tremendous team effort, with partnerships forged across the organization, particularly with the Facility Maintenance and Operations team who have been instrumental in supporting this work.”

Within the commercial/institutional sector in BC, health care is the third largest energy consumer behind retail trade and offices, according to Natural Resources Canada.

Today’s successes are built on the 2010 consolidation efforts of the three Lower Mainland health authorities and Providence Health Care under the Energy and Environmental Sustainability team, which Fraser Health oversees. This team helps to balance ecological, societal and economic imperatives while fostering healthier communities.

Fraser Health energy facts:

  • $4 million in energy savings since 2010 from energy retrofit projects. That’s enough electricity to run 3,200 homes annually.
  • More than 25 energy savings projects in 2017 yielding $300,000 in cost savings.
  • 12 percent overall energy use reduction for 25 core sites.
  • On target to exceed our 15 percent energy reduction by 2020.
  • $4.2 million incentives from BC Hydro and Fortis BC for energy-efficient upgrades.
  • Member of Fortis BC Energy Specialist program for two years

Fraser Health has been part of BC Hydro’s Energy Manager program for eight years. That program now supports more than 60 energy managers across the province including seven energy managers from the health care sector.

The Energy Management team as part of the Lower Mainland Energy and Environmental Sustainability department has completed more than 100 energy retrofit projects to reduce our environmental impact, help safeguard the planet and reduce health care costs.

Learn more by visiting the GreenCare Community website.

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