Wear A mask to Protect
Written by Rita Ciconte, Program Leader, Safety and Prevention, Workplace Health

If you require a respirator fit test or are responsible for making sure your staff are fit-tested, find out more about fit-testing options.

Workplace Health would like to thank the many Fraser Health department trained fit-testers for their commitment to ensuring their colleagues have properly fitted respirators and know when and how to use them.

If you are interested in being a department trained fit-tester or feel one is needed in your department, speak to your manager and check out the upcoming hands-on training offered throughout the year. Registration is via CCRS and the next one is at Eagle Ridge Hospital on March 7. Training is free to Fraser Health staff and can be completed in one four-hour session.

Workplace Health is continuing to offer some fit-test drop-in sessions throughout the year, and is planning to conduct the Summer Fit-Test Blitz across the health authority again this summer. From June to August, there will be many additional drop-in sessions offered, as well as the ability for departments to request department-specific fit-test sessions (as long as they meet the participant criteria).

For more information, check out the respirator fit-testing information on FH Pulse and our new fit-test calendar where you can view upcoming drop-in sessions in real time from any Fraser Health computer or through VPN from home.

Workplace Health Incident/Injury Profile for January 2017

In January, there were 412 incidents reported to the Call Centre, with 160 accepted as claims:

Top 5 Mechanisms of Injury – All Reports
#1 Slips, trips (20% or 83 incidents, 34 accepted claims)
#2 Violence (16% or 64 incidents, 17 accepted claims)
#3 Patient handling (14% or 59 incidents, 29 accepted claims)
#4 Material handling (9% or 38 incidents, 15 accepted claims)
#5 Blood and body fluid exposures or needlesticks (8% or 35 incidents, 16 accepted claims)

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