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Written by Catherine Oversby, Coordinator, People Recognition, People Services

Want to submit a nomination for an Above and Beyond Award but don’t know where to start? Follow our simple step-by-step guide. It’s easier than you think.

We work with wonderful people. Every day, our colleagues go above and beyond their daily duties to enhance the care and services we provide. Help them get the recognition they deserve. Nominate them for an Above and Beyond Award today. Mark your calendar! The nomination deadline is March 31.

Here’s a mock case study to show you how:

Langley Memorial Hospital Maternity RN Preet Bhatia has been impressed by her colleague Mina Farzan’s new initiative to boost the unit’s breastfeeding success. She had developed a breastfeeding checklist to support new mothers and trained staff to use it. Preet decided to submit an Above and Beyond Awards nomination. Here’s what she did:

Steps one to three: Read a recap of what to do to prepare before you start writing your nomination.

Steps four to six: Read a recap of what to do as you start writing your nomination.

Step seven: Now, Preet was ready to answer the third question on the nomination form on impact: “Describe the impact of the behaviour or the result. How has this person or team’s effort had any positive impact on another patient, resident, client, individual, the department, unit or site, health authority or community?” She wrote:

Mina’s work creating a nurse checklist tool to support new mothers in breastfeeding has had a significant impact on patient-centred care. In addition to the statistical successes cited above (see steps four to six)many new mothers reported the new protocol – twice dailycheck-ins, daily education, and group facilitation with other mothers – made a difference to their breastfeeding success. More than 230 mothers were surveyed after delivery and 87 said the new support helped. “I had a lot of trouble getting my milk going,” one wrote. “But the nurse’s advice, demonstrations, and support motivated me to keep trying!” Staff reported in a post-project survey that the protocol helped them incorporate more breastfeeding intervention into their busy schedules, with 93 per cent reporting they regularly used it. Similar feedback has come from the two other Fraser Health sites that adopted the program.

Step eight: Preet had one more question, on scope: “Explain how the behaviour or result of that individual or team clearly goes outside the scope of their normal everyday responsibilities. What sets them apart from other dedicated individuals or teams?” Preet explained how Mina’s work went and above and beyond her job duties. She wrote:

We are a busy maternity unit and Mina works a full-time shift, plus overtime when asked. Her work on the breastfeeding training and checklist tool was squeezed in on top of her regular duties. She was passionate about the work, and earned support and endorsement from management to pursue it. In her own time, she assisted in a research review that led to best practices being implemented across our unit. This was outside the scope of Mina’s job description, but she is an innovator invested in providing cutting-edge care. She’s also an enthusiastic team player and with the help of her Manager and Nurse Educator, she was able to engage the other nurses in taking the training and implementing checklists.

Step nine: Preet now had a completed nomination draft in a Word document. She checked spelling and grammar and shared it with Mina’s manager for fact-checking. Once she received the final version, she clicked on the Above and Beyond Awards online nomination form, pasted the answers in, and pressed send. Done! Mina was officially in the running for the 2017 Above and Beyond Awards. Put your teammate in the running too. Submit a nomination before March 31.

Need tips? Read our guide How to Submit a Winning Nomination, review a sample nomination for an individual or team, or refer to our FAQ and Rules and Guidelines.
Want inspiration? 
Watch or read stories of 2016 recipients.

For more information, visit fraserhealth.ca/aboveandbeyond or contact Catherine Oversby at Catherine.Oversby@fraserhealth.ca or (604) 517-8632.

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