Written by Dr. Victoria Lee, Vice President, Population and Public Health and Chief Medical Health Officer

We're establishing a new Intensive Case Management team in Maple Ridge to support individuals with complex needs, to provide them with housing, address their substance use, mental health, and general health.

The challenges faced by people who are homeless, substance dependent and who may be mentally ill are very complex. They require clinicians and housing workers who can work with people on the street and in shelters to provide them with a wrap-around service. That’s why we, together with BC Housing, announced a new Intensive Case Management Team for Maple Ridge. This announcement comes alongside other investments made by the Government of BC to support the homeless or at risk to be homeless in Maple Ridge.

In partnership with Raincity Housing and Support Society, this team of clinicians and housing outreach workers will work intensively with each individual to provide them with services to find and maintain housing and address their substance use, mental health, general health and other needs in order to stabilize their lives. The team can access services such as a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, and other clinical services provided by the Mental Health Centre. It can also access substance use services such as detox and medications like methadone and suboxone to help treat opioid addiction, as well as intensive residential treatment and support recovery as appropriate. This holistic approach to care puts the individual first, connecting them to a broad range of services to meet a variety of their needs, while showing compassion and commitment to overall well-being.

The overdose public health emergency necessitates that we take urgent action where required to ensure we are responding appropriately. We believe there is an urgent need to help these people stabilize.

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