Written by Jude Henders, Coordinator, Volunteer Resources, Volunteer Resources

Pet therapy dogs bring a gentle non-judgmental sense of care and kindness to our patients.

Meet Kyah, one of our favourite volunteers. Kyah comes in every week with her adopted mom Annette to visit their friends in psychiatry. They are two of our volunteers belonging to our pet therapy program at Langley Memorial Hospital.

Pet therapy dogs bring gentle, non-judgmental care and kindness to our patients. Kyah’s mom once said “she’s the perfect fit to visit in the psychiatry unit where many patients have experienced some form of stigma from their diagnosis”. Annette went on to say, “many outsiders will look at Kyah and form an opinion right away based only on her breed."

Ali and I, along with many patients, staff and volunteers find Kyah brings a welcomed feeling of peace and calmness in this very busy environment and we look forward to seeing her and the other pet therapy volunteers at Langley Memorial Hospital and Residential Care.

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