Spring Health
Written by Elaine O'Connor, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

With warmer weather comes feelings of “spring fever” that lead many of us to want to spring clean our homes and push reset on unhealthy habits. Here are some real nutrition tips for putting a spring back in your step.

The idea that our bodies need periodic “cleansing” or “detoxing” may be all the rage right now, but nutritionally-speaking, it’s misleading. Marketing can lead us to believe that we have “toxins” or “toxic waste” in our bodies that need to be eliminated with a special fad diet regime – anything from juice fasts to liver flushes. But the truth is, research shows there is no health benefit to these kinds of cleanses or detoxes, and in fact, they can even cause harm.

So if you really want to spring clean your body, skip the fad cleanse and read our latest Newsroom article, Spring Clean your Body,  by Fraser Health Practice Lead for Public Health Nutrition Jane Wark, a registered dietitian. The article is part of our new Your Spring Health Guide which is packed with tips to help you recover your healthy vitality after a long winter.

Jane advises trying the following three healthy eating habits to boost your energy and wellness all season long:

Clean up the sugar:

  • Take a break from sugar-sweetened beverages. Try still or sparkling waters with added flavour from cucumbers or fruit.
  • Enjoy a little chocolate at special occasions like Easter, but only buy a small amount so you don’t end up eating more than you wanted.

Clean up the processed foods:

  • Instead of canned soup, which is high in salt, make your own. It’s an easy dish to prepare, even for new cooks. Find a fresh recipe at bcfarmersmarket.org.
  • Leave the processed cereals on the shelf and make your own granola from whole oats, nuts, dried fruits and honey. t’s easier than you think, and tasty. Here’s a Dietitians of Canada recipe.

Add some fresh vegetables for spring:

  • Try a new spring vegetable. This is the best time of year for young asparagus and new potatoes, fiddleheads and leeks. Learn more about what’s in season at BCFarmersmarket.org.
  • Pledge to start some family dinners with a green salad  first. When you serve the main course, ensure half your plate is filled with vegetables or fruit.

Visit our Newsroom to read the full version of the Spring Clean your Body article, and check out our Spring Health Guide, then please take our poll.

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