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Written by Nafisa Abdulla, Senior Consultant, Public Affairs, Communications and Public Affairs

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement and Fraser Health are fast-tracking the regional spread of the PREVIEW-ED tool to all 80 residential care homes in Fraser Health.

Together with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, we announced in a news release that we’re fast-tracking the regional spread of an innovative screening tool that reduced transfers to the emergency department (ED) from residential care by 71 percent. This rollout will establish the PREVIEW-ED© tool as standard practice in all 80 Fraser Health homes, reaching 8,063 seniors, and will pave the way for the tool to be spread across Canada later in 2017.

PREVIEW-ED© helps residential care staff detect early health decline among residents related to four conditions: pneumonia, urinary tract infections (UTIs), dehydration and congestive heart failure. UTIs and pneumonia are among the most common reasons for avoidable ED visits by residents. The tool measures the signs, symptoms and severity of nine indicators using a simple scale that allows the users to score each indicator and generate an aggregate score to quantify the change. The one-page tool takes between eight and 15 seconds to administer by care aides as part of their regular duties.

In the news release, our president and CEO, Michael Marchbank said: “The PREVIEW-ED© tool improves both the experiences of providing care and receiving it. The tool gives care aides a mechanism to communicate changes they notice in residents in order for professional staff to intervene earlier. This is an excellent way to raise the voices of care aides, who are intimately involved in the daily lives of residents in residential care.”

The tool is currently being implemented in paper format. Fraser Health, together with CFHI, have received a Spark grant from the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation to design, develop and beta test an electronic version of the PREVIEW-ED© tool.

Read the full news release.

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