Hackathon Lightbulb
Written by Diane Wild, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Dr. Victoria Lee and Dr. Daniel Schwartz talk about bringing Fraser Health and the tech community together to solve some of health care's biggest challenges.

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Dr. Victoria Lee, vice president of population health and chief medical health officer, and Arvinder Singh Kang, CommunityLogiq's chief technology officer and co-founder, discuss the Fraser Health Hackathon coming January 21-22, 2017 at Simon Fraser University Surrey in conjunction with the City of Surrey and Innovation Boulevard.

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When Michael Marchbank, president and CEO, Dr. Lee, and Philip Barker, vice president of planning, informatics and analytics, started having conversations about organizing a hackathon, it wasn’t long before the name Dr. Daniel Schwartz came up.

Medical director for the renal program, Dr. Schwartz is known for his affinity for technology. He uses innovative technologies in his nephrology practice, has created many online and mobile medical education offerings, knows “enough programming to be dangerous” and has participated in other hackathons. So he’ll be one of the judges at the Fraser Health Hackathon. Read his interview on our Newsroom site and learn more about his high hopes for our creative and passionate staff joining forces with the experienced Vancouver-area tech community.

For more information about the Fraser Health Hackathon, visit healthhackathon.ca.

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