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Written by How to prepare a winning Above and Beyond Awards nomination

Want to nominate someone for an Above and Beyond Award but don’t know where to start? Follow our simple step-by-step guide. It’s easier than you think.

We work with wonderful people. Every day, our colleagues go above and beyond their daily duties to enhance the care and services we provide. Help them get the recognition they deserve. Nominate them for an Above and Beyond Award today. Mark your calendar! The nomination deadline is March 31.

Here’s a mock case study to show you how:

Langley Memorial Hospital Maternity RN Preet Bhatia had been impressed by her colleague RN Mina Farzan’s new initiative to boost the unit’s breastfeeding success. Mina had developed a breastfeeding checklist to support new mothers and trained staff to use it. After a year, she produced a peer-reviewed report that found the innovation had led to a 23 per cent increase in infant weight gain during hospital stays. Discharge surveys showed mothers experienced a 31 per cent increase in breastfeeding confidence. Mina had also trained 32 nurses, and had given presentations to other units that had led to two other sites adopting the tool – all on top of her daily duties

Once Preet decided to submit a nomination, she made an appointment in her calendar to add to her nomination draft to easily meet the March 31 nomination deadline. Here’s what she did

Step one: First, Preet obtained Mina’s correct title, spelling of her name, job title, department, plus the name and contact information of Mina’s manager. She confirmed Mina’s accomplishments, gathered any additional testimonials and kudos from other colleagues, and obtained examples, statistics and data to support them

Step two: Next, Preet made sure she understood the rules and guidelines. She went online to Fraserhealth.ca/aboveandbeyond and the Above and Beyond Pulse information page and printed out the rules and guidelines and FAQs and sample nomination forms.

Step three: Now, Preet had to decide which award category would best suit Mina’s accomplishments. She reviewed the definitions of the five awards categories: the Fraser Health Hero Award, Innovator Award, Best Collaboration Award, Service Delivery Excellence Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. She also watched videos and read articles on last year’s winners. She decided Mina best fit in the Innovator Award category, as she exemplified creativity and resourcefulness, and used those qualities to benefit Fraser Health by improving service through an evidence-based approach.

Next time: How to write an Above and Beyond Award nomination that gets the judges’ attention.

Need tips? Read our guide How to Submit a Winning Nomination, review a sample nomination for an individual or team, or refer to our FAQ and Rules and Guidelines.
Want inspiration? Watch or read stories of 2016 recipients.

For more information, visit fraserhealth.ca/aboveandbeyond or contact Catherine Oversby at Catherine.Oversby@fraserhealth.ca or (604) 517-8632.

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