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Written by Sarah Gleeson Noyes, Librarian, Library

Get the latest literature on Acquired Brain Injury and Forensic Nursing.

Need the latest research but don’t have the time to search the literature?

Check out Library Services’ Journal Watch publications. Each month, Library Services brings you a series of Journal Watch issues covering a wide range of topics. Each issue includes a list of new and notable articles on a specific topic area. To access any of the articles in a Journal Watch, click on the article’s title and you will be connected to the full text (Fraser Health networked computers only).

Following are the newest Journal Watch issues, including a sneak peak of articles available within each:

Acquired Brain Injury

  • A meta-analysis on the effects of intracranial pressure on mortality in patients with severe TBI

  • Auditory biological marker of concussion in children

  • A population-based cohort study on the determinants of alternate-level-of-care delayed discharge among acute care survivors of hypoxic-ischemic brain injury

Forensic Nursing

  • IMPRoving Outcomes for children exposed to domestic ViolencE (IMPROVE): an evidence synthesis (freely available e-book from the National Institute for Health Research)

  • Repercussions of imprisonment for conjugal violence: discourses of men

  • Analysis of transferred fragrance and its forensic implications

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