Beat Heart Podcast
Written by Dr. Roopjeet Kahlon, General Internist , Surrey Memorial Hospital

With heart disease, knowing the signs, symptoms and risks, can save your life – and your patient’s life.

My name is Dr. Roopjeet Kahlon, and I’m a general internist at Surrey Memorial Hospital. This means I’m a doctor who treats a little bit of everything: I look after heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease and other conditions, and I see patients in hospital and then follow-up with them in my office.

With heart disease, knowing your risk as well as the signs and symptoms, can save your life – and your patient’s life. Learning if you are at risk and how you can lower your risk is so important for your heart health, and educating your patients on what to watch for is key. But how do you make it simple and easy for your patients and clients to act on?

Have a listen to our latest podcast, “The top myths of heart disease – and how to prevent it.” In it, Deljit Bains, Leader of Fraser Health’s South Asian Health Institute, and I discuss the top three misconceptions about heart disease, the heart disease warning signs to watch for in men and women, and risks in the South Asian community. Have a listen to help keep your heart healthy. English and Punjabi versions are available.



You can also read an article version of our podcast on our newsroom.

Learn why your patients aren’t too young for heart disease (even if they're in their 40s), how the cholesterol pill is not a quick fix for heart disease, and how past heart surgery can lull patients into a sense of complacency about their future health. Plus, tips on unusual signs and symptoms to watch for – from heartburn to jaw pain – and simple diet and exercise ideas to keep your heart healthy.


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