Written by Elaine O'Connor, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

Fresh ideas and recipes from our dietitians to help your family eat healthier, while keeping all the flavour and fun on the menu.

When school’s out and summer party season is in full swing, parents may let good nutrition habits go too – for themselves and their kids – meaning families can end up consuming too much junk food and sugar and too little nutrition. If you’re not mindful, the special summer foods you and your kids consume can add up in fat, sugar and calories.

But in their latest article on our Newsroom, our three nutrition experts, dietetic intern Stephanie Goh, and registered dietitians Caroline Klemens and Jane Wark, serve up some satisfying food swaps that can help you lighten up your summer menu, simply and easily.

Here’s a quick taste of some of their tips:

  • For burgers, go for lean ground turkey, pork or beef. Or go meatless and make lentil, chickpea, bean or mushroom patties. Get kids involved and make burgers into fun shapes!
  • If you like to pile on the condiments, try flavoured mustards, hot sauces or even a spoon of salsa for a kick without the calories.
  • Instead of French fries, try cooking baked potatoes in foil on the barbeque or baking potato wedges. Kids can use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of potatoes too.
  • Instead of rich ice cream treats and sundaes try making banana ice cream by freezing mashed ripe bananas or serving frozen yogurt and topping it with fresh or grilled fruit – peaches are a great option.

To check out all of their meal makeover ideas, plus get a new yogurt popsicle recipe, read the full article, Family BBQ Makeover: How to swap unhealthy treats for good eats this summer.

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