Written by Kevin Hare, Executive Director, Clinical Quality and Strategic Priorities, Clinical Quality and Patient Safety

Nominate them for the Dr. Jan Kornder Memorial Award and highlight their efforts.

The Dr. Jan Kornder Memorial Award is presented each year to individuals or groups within Fraser Health that have demonstrated outstanding achievement in quality and patient safety. Dr. Jan Kornder was a staunch supporter of patient safety within Fraser Health. He worked tirelessly to enhance partnerships across all sectors of Fraser Health to promote a culture of safety. His untimely passing in 2015 left a void for the many that knew him. In honour of his memory, the Clinical Quality and Patient Safety portfolio wanted to present an award to an individual or team that demonstrates outstanding achievement in the area of quality and patient safety. We worked closely with Dr. Kornder’s family to create an award that would not only honour his memory but also acknowledge his contribution.

Meet last year's recipients: Luda Krapchan, Sarah Grummisch, Charmaine Rykyta and Kelly Van Blanken from Ridge Meadows Hospital each received the inaugural Dr. Jan Kornder Memorial Award for their 'Every Code' video. They created an engaging educational tool in conjunction with site leadership, frontline employees, fellow CNEs and Biofilm Media, with funding through the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation, Pacific Open Heart Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.

Nominate an individual or team

Please fill out the Dr. Jan Kornder Memorial Award Nomination Form for deserving candidates and submit via email to PtExConference@fraserhealth.ca.

Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2017.

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