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Warm weather calls for refreshing drinks, but do you really know what’s in the summer beverages you’re quaffing? Read on for summer drink swap ideas for you, your family, and your patients.

We tend to drink more in the summer to cool off, and if we’re not concious of what’s going into our glass, we can dramatically increase our sugar consumption too, leading to issues such as tooth decay, obesity and diabetes.

Although the occasional sweet, cold drink on a hot day is okay, it’s important to advise both your family and your patients to make their main source of hydration plain water to ensure their optimal health this summer.

In their latest article on our Newsroom, our nutrition experts, dietetic intern Amanda Ellis and registered dietitian Deanna Tan, share how many empty calories are hiding in that tall, frosty glass. Here’s just one of their  summer drink swap ideas:

Iced Tea: A single can (355 mL) of iced tea has 31 grams of sugar – about 8 sugar cubes worth.

Healthier choice: Brew your own tea – try a herbal or berry blend – then chill it in the fridge. You can add lemon and a small amount of honey for sweetness and serve cold over ice for a perfect poolside pour.

To check out all of their refreshing summer drink suggestions, read the full article, “Shake the sugar this summer – healthier ways to quench your thirst,” on our Newsroom.

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