Written by Isobel O'Connor-Smith, Coordinator, Corporate Communications, Communications and Public Affairs

You’ve learned how to write a headline with a hook, you’ve got the attention of your audience – what’s next?

Some of our favourite stories in The Beat are the ones that connect with us emotionally. How our people made a difference to a patient, resident or client, or how a difficult situation was made better by the care and attention of our Fraser Health teams. In short, it’s what you do daily.

Just think of how you feel when you read our weekly High fives or ‘What I do Matters’ stories, showing how small, kind gestures made a huge impact.

So let’s get to work on sharing the inspiration and learning how to submit people-focused stories to The Beat.

Find the patient-focused ‘why’ in your work

Behind all initiatives and projects lies the goal of improving the patient outcome and experience. This is where the heart of your story is.

Example: You are rolling out a new clinical tool and you want to let the organization know.

How to write about it

Write a ‘What I do Matters’ story 

Quick tips

  • Use words we can all relate to that stir emotions such as fear or determination.
  • Topics like ‘lessons learned’ and ‘overcoming obstacles’ make great people-focused stories.
  • Keep it short - about 300 words.
  • Check out more ideas on developing a story on Pulse.

What’s your people-focused story? Submit it to The Beat.

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