Written by Pamela Wilson, Administrative Assistant, Eagle Ridge Hospital

Pamela Wilson, an administrative assistant at the Eagle Ridge Hospital administration office, shares her story behind her six word stories ... complete with wandering deer and bears in trees.

My six word stories are "Gratitude. Positivity. Supporting leadership and frontline." and "Be positive. Be effective. Be focused."

Every day is different and an opportunity to show we care.

Positivity is how I conduct myself as an administrative assistant at the Eagle Ridge Hospital administration office each and every day, whether supporting leadership, frontline staff, physicians or volunteers. I am grateful to be in a unique position to be an influential and positive difference-maker, at the ready for any requests that make it to my desk. Those requests come to me in-person, by e-mail, telephone or Skype --frequently all at the same time -- and I am available to assist and support. 

Being located at the front entrance of the hospital, we welcome drop-in visitors and inquiries by patients, families, visitors, lost couriers (wandering deer, bears in trees, crows pecking at staff, broken equipment ... the list is endless). All are greeted, welcomed and all voices are heard. Identifying the problem, finding the solution, focusing on and remedying the problem ... that’s really where it’s at. There’s no real training for this kind of job. Sure it helps to have good sense and strong values, but all you really need is that positive attitude -- it works every time (okay, most of the time. Bears don’t really care about that good vibe thing.)

Effectiveness brings harmony and with it a shared objective to provide intelligent and strong problem-solving skills to all aspects of the position. Working with and supporting leadership and frontline staff is challenging and rewarding. My goal is to show up with a positive, focused, effective and gracious attitude – every single day. I feel a deep sense of accomplishment and a sense of privilege to be in a position that enables me to support the leadership, frontline staff and physicians who care for those we serve. 

Now I need to get back at it -- e-mails and queries to answer, leaders, physicians and staff to support, site business to attend to, and about those bears .... That never-ending list keeps me positive, focused and effective. Right where I belong.

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