Written by Nadia Guirguis, Public Health Dietitian

Are you interested in food and the environment? The Government of Canada wants to hear from Canadians to help develop a national food policy.

Complete the suvey online. The survey deadline is July 27, 2017.

What’s a food policy?

Food matters to all of us. A food policy sets the vision and goals for our health, the environment, the economy as well as the health of our communities. The policy will also identify goals, objectives and action strategies that we can take in food production, processing, distribution and consumption of food.

What’s in the survey?

The survey identifies what’s important to you on the following topics: access to food, healthy and safe food, and the relationship between the agriculture, the environment and the economy.

Comments received during the online consultation period will be summarized in a What We Heard Report and will help inform the development of A Food Policy for Canada.

Where can I learn more about food policy work?

There are many government agencies involved as well as organizations with an interest in one or more of the major topic headings. Learn more about the work of these agencies and organizations

Visit the Government of Canada's A Food Policy for Canada website to learn more about the campaign.

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