Written by Dr. Victoria Lee, Chief Medical Health Officer and Vice President, Population and Public Health

Supervised consumption of oral and intra-nasal substances now approved at our two supervised consumption sites in Surrey.

Since SafePoint opened on June 8, there have been more than 1,000 visits to the site for supervised consumption services, and this latest exemption from Health Canada means we will reach more people by ensuring our services are as inclusive as possible.

Since opening on June 8, SafePoint has seen 1,079 visits by 203 people who have accessed supervised consumption services. On average, people have made 5.3 visits to SafePoint. During that time, 19 overdoses have been reversed, with zero deaths. In addition, since January, nearly 400 people in Surrey have been connected to opioid agonist treatment, an approach which uses medications (Suboxone and methadone) to treat opioid addiction.

On 135A Street, opioid agonist treatment is provided at a location adjacent to SafePoint. While our primary focus is to reverse overdoses and save lives, we know that our supervised consumption sites can be a gateway to treatment and other services for vulnerable people who use substances.

Read the full news release.

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