Written by Marisa MacDonald, Librarian, Library Services

New trivia question and education on how to find evidence.

Congratulations to our Library Games Round 1 winner, Christina Scherle, from Fraser Canyon Hospital. Christina doubled her chances to win a coffee card by receiving an in-person library services demonstration. While many people answering our triva question guessed LexiComp, a drug information app/website also available to Fraser Health employees and physicians, the answer was a broader clinical tool called UpToDate. To learn more, take our quick and easy online tutorial or contact Library Services.

Library Games Round 2 runs June 1 to 30, 2017, and is all about finding evidence. Have you ever been asked, “What does the evidence say?” Or been faced with the dreaded 'pay-wall' when trying to access an article online? Library Services can save you time and frustration by helping you to access evidence such as research articles, reports, guidelines, and more.

From questions about administration to zygomycosis and everything in between, we’ve got Fraser Health covered. Services and resources are free for all employees and physicians. Don’t have time to look for evidence? Request a literature search using our online form and we’ll send you a list of articles related to your topic. Can’t access an important article? Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll email you a copy. Want to learn how to search for evidence on your own? Contact us for a tutorial. We also provide access to thousands of medical journals via our A-Z list and to great research databases.

Take this month's triva question by clicking here.

For more information check out Library Games on FHPulse.

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