Written by Isobel O'Connor-Smith, Coordinator, Corporate Communications, Communications and Public Affairs

We did a pulse check on The Beat and you told us what you need to know and what you want to see.

Our redesigned employee newsletter The Beat is approaching its second birthday, and to mark the occasion, we enlisted you, our readers, to help us do a pulse check to make sure we are publishing the news and information you want and need.

So a huge thank you for participating in the survey. We sure learned a lot from your valuable feedback, suggestions and words of wisdom. We are going to use these gems to move forward and make The Beat an even better news source.

What we learned

  • Half of us weren’t aware we could read stories on any smartphone or personal computer. Good news: yes we can and we don’t have to be on the Fraser Health network, either.
  • Many of us didn’t realize that we can submit stories, and if so, how it’s done. We encourage you to send us any story that would be of interest to a wide range of colleagues across the health authority. Here’s how:
  1. Create an account – don’t worry, this boring bit of admin will only have to be done once. After that, you can log in to create your story.
  2. Review the submission guidelines for information on the kind of stories we will publish, photo consent, deadlines and the process.
  3. Submit your story online, anytime, anywhere. If you have an upcoming event, submit it to the events calendar.
  4. We are here to help. If you have questions, e-mail thebeat@fraserhealth.ca and one of our Communications team members will get back to you.
  • Stories about patients, clients and residents are popular, and the survey says we want more. Stay tuned for tips on how to share these stories in powerful ways in future editions of The Beat.

We need you – our work together has just begun

You have something to say and we want to hear it. But it can be intimidating to write “a story” (sounds so official, doesn’t it?). It can be simple, though, and it’s definitely fun.

Here’s where the Communications team comes in...through the coming weeks, we will be putting tips and guidelines together on writing stories, what makes a good story, how to write a “stop-in-your tracks” headline, tips on sharing your patient-related stories and more.

You don’t need much coaching -- your unique voice is ready to be heard, your unique work is ready to be acknowledged and celebrated. Let’s bring the frontline work that happens behind the scenes to the front of the page. We’re in this together.

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