Written by Gerry Racine, Lead, IM Learning Services, Planning, Informatics & Analytics

The Management Centre is a one-stop-shop of services, tools and information to support management in their roles. The website was designed by Fraser Health management, for Fraser Health management.

The new Management Centre website is now available!

What’s on the Management Centre website?

The Management Centre includes:

  • Streamlined information to support the management of employees and departments.
  • Personalized reports and metrics tied directly to cost centres.
  • Easy-to-find information on support resources for each department.
  • The latest news and staffing announcements important to managers and leaders in Fraser Health.

Management Center vs. FH Pulse

The new website is open to all Fraser Health employees, but was created primarily to assist management. FH Pulse will continue to be the website for information that is important to all Fraser Health employees, both management and non-management.

Check it out!

You can get to the Management Centre by clicking here, by going to the website https://fhmc, or by clicking on the Management Centre button on the front page of FH Pulse.

If you have comments or questions, submit them to the Management Centre Support team by using the Feedback boxes on any page on the website or email Gerry Racine.

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