Written by Bonnie Irving, Senior Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

A new campaign on Twitter and Facebook starts educating families of seniors about alternatives.

A social media campaign was launched earlier this week that asks the question: Think your parents need a nursing home? You know they love their own space. Let us advise you how they can stay independent.

The campaign features the alternatives and refers families to the Home Health Service Line and the improved information on fraserhealth.ca.

Evidence shows that many residents with low care needs are currently occupying beds. When residents are admitted who don’t require access to round-the-clock clinical care, others who require those services must wait for admission.

The social media campaign supports the work of a team from acute care, home health and community access who are educating staff about ensuring the most effective use of our limited residential care and assisted living resources by consistently adhering to admission guidelines that reflect our practice standard – to support seniors and their caregivers with appropriate health care services and community supports until their care needs can no longer be safely met in an independent living situation.

At that point they may be referred to assisted living or residential care. We need to help the public think about residential care in a new way – as a last resort when all other avenues to maintain independence have been tried. Fundamentally, a ‘nursing home’ is about the need for access to ‘round-the-clock care'; it is not a housing option. This education process will take time and require ongoing attention.

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