Written by Joshua Myers, Director, Patient Experience, Professional Practice

Stories and pictures describing the power of asking a simple four-word question: What Matters to You?

On behalf of the What Matters to You Day planning committee, we want to express our deepest thanks to all of the staff, patients/clients/residents, families, volunteers and advisors who took part on What Matters to You Day (WMTYD) on June 6, 2017.

You shared dozens of stories and pictures describing the power of asking a simple four word question and the impact it had in your relationships and rapport with patients, families and your colleagues. This simple four word question told us that at our core we all want to feel cared for, appreciated, supported and heard – staff and patients alike.

We saw the power of a smile, the impact of a trusting relationship and the gratitude expressed when people feel valued and heard. The spirit of the day, the idea that we are better caregivers and colleagues when we feel heard and understood, and when we spend time hearing and understanding others, is one that extends beyond any one day.

We learned that what mattered to one patient at Ridge Meadows Hospital was to “get better for her grandchildren.” We learned from a resident in Delta that what matters to her is for caregivers to be gentle and careful when they are providing hands-on care because she is sensitive. We learned from staff that some of the things that matter to them are kindness, a smile and teamwork.

The power of understanding what matters to patients is that it can transform our relationships and the patient and provider experience. What we learned on WMTYD and the days leading up to June 6th was that the simple things often mean the most. The small interactions we have with people can make the largest impact. The more we know and understand about what matters to people, the better able we are to provide quality and compassionate care.

At Fraser Health this is about more than one day and teams are encouraged to continue the momentum from the day to create a “what matters to you” culture. We look forward to continuing to highlight the great work from June 6th and beyond as we work together to create remarkable patient and provider experiences every day.

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