Written by Carol Doutaz, Manager, Payroll Services, Payroll

Check to see if you have coverage by logging into the myFHinfo system to ensure you are not paying additional taxes and not receiving any additional benefit.

For example, if a wife has family coverage with MSP and her husband also has family coverage with MSP, the family coverage is being paid for twice, when the family can only receive one coverage. This occurs when one spouse pays in error, or when both spouses have employer-paid family coverage.

You can check to see if your MSP benefit is being paid by Fraser Health, by logging into the myFHinfo system and looking:

  • In the “View My Pay Notice” section
  • In the “Deductions & Benefit Details” option in this section
  • Look for the “MSP” deduction under the Benefit heading. If you have the MSP benefit paid by Fraser Health on your behalf, you will be paying income tax and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions on the value of the amount Fraser Health pays.

If you have a spouse or partner, please check to ensure they are not also paying for MSP benefits for you if your MSP benefit is already being paid by Fraser Health. If your spouse or partner is also paying for your MSP benefits, your family will be paying tax and CPP contributions on the value of this benefit twice, and not getting any additional coverage.

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