Talk to Kids
Written by Communications and Public Affairs

A series of how-to videos, plus a downloadable tip sheet, to help you talk about drugs with the youth in your life.

Parents often put a lot of pressure on themselves to ‘get it right’ when discussing important topics with their kids, which can quickly turn conversations into lectures. Just as with all aspects of life, supporting your child in making healthy decisions is an unfolding process that develops across the journey to adulthood.

That’s why we are developing a series of videos to help parents navigate what may be felt to be an uncomfortable conversation with their kids, who may or may not be using drugs. This video is the first in the series, and it features 7 tips for talking to your kids about drugs from Mark Goheen, Clinical Specialist, Fraser Health Mental Health and Substance Use services.

You can also download our ‘7 tips for talking to your kids about drugs’ tip sheet and other information at

For more information about Fraser Health’s Youth Substance Use services, visit

If you or a family member is in need of emergency help, please visit for a list of crisis support resources.

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