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Important privacy reminders to protect patient's personal information.

We'd like to remind employees, volunteers, students and service providers of the important role we all play in protecting patients' personal information.

  • Personal information should not be physically removed from your facility, unless it is required for your job. Do not leave personal information in your vehicle or anywhere unattended or where it could be compromised. Treat this information as if it were your wallet. If there is a requirement to leave personal information in your vehicle, it must be in a locked container placed inside the locked trunk of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a trunk, store the personal information in a locked container out of sight.
  • Personal Information (written, taped, recorded or photographed) should never be posted on social media(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social network application).
  • Any personal information learned on the job should be kept confidential including verbal, written or electronic disclosures.
  • Limit conversations regarding patients or with patients to locations that are private. Speak softly and ensure you discuss with the person in an appropriate private room or setting.
  • Before releasing information, check every page of a document. Releasing information that belongs to someone else can result in a privacy breach. Please review the ROI Manual to ensure you follow the appropriate procedures before releasing information.
  • Protect personal information from public view or access (for example, computer screens or printed documents).
  • Properly discard personal information by placing it in confidential shredding bins.

The Information Privacy Office conducts regular access audits of our electronic systems that contain health information.  An audit analyst will contact management to investigate inappropriate access.

For more information, read our policies and guidelines on Pulse.

Together, we can protect the privacy of our patients, residents and clients.

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