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Written by Gerry Racine, Education Consultant, KMBS

The Management Centre is a new internal website that will soon be available to assist management and their support staff with the services, tools and information they need to perform their operational duties.

Why a new website for management?

The website is a result of work done in the Managers Excellence initiative where managers identified difficulties they were having in accessing information. Following that, a series of workshops were held with groups of managers and directors, who then designed how the information on the new website should be organized to save time and frustration.

Management Center vs. FH Pulse

Information that is primarily important to management is being taken from FH Pulse, vetted, restructured, and moved to the new Management Centre website. Management and staff alike will continue using FH Pulse however management will be the primary users of the Management Centre.

When will the new site be ready?

Development on the new website is nearing completion, and will be available in March. For more information, see the Management Centre page on FH Pulse or contact Gerry Racine in Planning, Informatics & Analytics.

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