Written by Corey Tillyer, Executive Director, Health Care Information Systems

The MEDITECH View Only Enterprise Medical Record (VOEMR) feature is ready for all sites to go live on the March 14 regularly scheduled monthly down time from 0400 – 0600.

MEDITECH's View Only Enterprise Medical Record (VOEMR) allows all MEDITECH users with EMR access to sign into a 'View only' copy of EMR during scheduled downtimes or unplanned MEDITECH outages.

The patient information contained is a snapshot of data prior to the system going down. No new information will flow to the VOEMR until the downtime is over. Clinicians are able to access the VOEMR through the HUB LIVE EMR icon on their desktops or start menu.

Note: you will only see this icon if you are an active EMR user. If you do not see the icon, logging into EMR will create the icon on your desktop. After the downtime is complete, users will need to close the VOEMR session and sign into MEDITECH as usual.

Find more information on VOEMR functionality and how to access VOEMR from the desktop.

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