Written by Megan Williams, Communications Consultant, Provincial Health Services Authority

How will the new PHSA on Demand (intranet) affect Fraser Health staff?

The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is launching a new, unified intranet across PHSA this May. The new intranet is keeping the same name – PHSA on Demand or POD for short – but it will have a new look and structure, and tools to personalize the experience of PHSA staff.

How will the new POD affect Fraser Health staff?

Changing links: If your program currently has links to pages on PHSA’s POD from your team-site or FH Pulse you will need to update your links when the new POD is live in early May. When the new POD is live, search the POD site to find the content and copy the new link. If you can’t find the new location for your information, reach out to the POD editor noted at the bottom of the old POD page that you had linked to (Please note: links to the old POD will be broken as of June 2017).

Accessing the new POD: All health authority staff will have access to PHSA’s new POD. However, due to the difference in technology and platforms, the new POD can only be viewed through Google Chrome or versions of Internet Explorer 10 or higher. New POD will not be accessible on versions of Internet Explorer 9 or below.

All Fraser Health computers and thin clients have Google Chrome and IE 11. 

If you have any technical questions about PHSA’s new intranet, please email webhelp@phsa.ca.

We look forward to sharing the new POD with you soon!

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