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Written by Wendy Young, Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

We asked you to share what "what I do matters" means to you in just six words. Read the story behind one communications consultant's six word story.

Wendy Y FamilyWendy Young with her husband and three-year-old son

My six-word story is “Communicate health messages in 140 characters. I’m one of the people behind the keyboard of the @Fraserhealth Twitter handle. As a digital communications consultant, I help manage Fraser Health’s Twitter, FacebookGoogle+ and Instagram in addition to consulting and developing strategies on web content development, social media campaigns, and other digital projects.

Part of my job is to distill important health news, alerts and health promotion and prevention tips down to 140 characters to our 10,700+ Twitter followers. Our communications team works closely with our programs and departments to convey relevant, timely and credible information to our public. And there is no slowing down the demand for information sharing over social media.

Having an active presence in these social spaces and building digital relationships with partnering health agencies and organizations allows us to reach a much wider and broader audience. For example, by issuing a health alert such as an opioid overdose emergency on our social channels, it can spread quickly through personal news feeds.

But it’s a two-way street. We are also here to listen to the feedback from members of the public. More and more individuals are taking to social media to voice their complaints and queries. When possible, I help address their complaint in the moment by having someone look into their concern. Simply responding and helping them feel heard often diffuses the situation. Other times, I help individuals navigate our complex health system and get them connected with the appropriate services.

One of my most rewarding experiences was responding to an individual tweeting at us from within Surrey Memorial Hospital psychiatric unit with suicidal comments. Right away, I contacted the executive director and site leader. The unit staff and other members of the mental health team were able to attend to him immediately and avoid what could’ve been a tragic incident.

Whether it’s providing parenting resources to a new mom, educating the public on using the ER wisely, or helping seniors access care in the home, I’m proud of the work we do to help people navigate the system or make good health care choices.

What's your six word story? Share it at stories@fraserhealth.ca or leave a comment below. Browse all the six word stories here.

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