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This week's kudos go out to our wonderful staff at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital and New Westminster pulmonary rehab clinic.

I would like to commend the Emergency Department staff at Abbotsford Regional Hospital for the excellent care I received. As I have worked in the health care system for many years and this being my first time in an Emergency Department, I was not sure what to expect. The intake receptionist was respectful, and efficient. The triage nurse was knowledgeable and professional. She set the tone for my stay there and was honest about the waiting time. I was taken into the emergency fast access area and was treated respectfully. The nurses greeted me and helped me settle in. I would especially like to thank Dr. Jason Sartor. Although he was extremely busy, he took the time to answer my questions and assess me thoroughly.

I went to the Pulmonary Rehab Clinic for 8 weeks and I want you to know what a valuable program this is. The exercise and education components helped a lot for me to care for myself. I feel I have control over my own care and well-being. Thank you.

Thank you! I could go on in detail about what your hospital did for me but then this 'short' email would become a novel! I have never been in such pain and stressed with worry (for myself) in my life and your staff was wonderful! From Triage 1 where I registered, Triage 2 where they took more details and all through that evening and for my follow up IV treatments - fabulous. The wait to see an ENT was long, I hadn't had sleep in close to a week, nor food and barely any fluids in just as long so my patience was short. But I understood and wasn't in the least bit angry. Lisa, my nurse was wonderful and kept me smiling - I hope I did the same for her in the little that I was able to talk. I know people are very quick to complain about ERs but I've needed you a couple of times in the past and while the wait is long (not your fault), the service and attention and kindness I've always received is commendable. The past few days reinforces it. Thank you so much for making me feel better in such a short time. I'm eating a little, drinking much more and slept a few hours last night. I'm on the mend and I couldn't have done that without your care.

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