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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Royal Columbian Hospital, Peace Arch Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital and the Mental Health and Substance Use Early Psychosis Treatment program.

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I wanted to share with you the email I just sent to Global News.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of everyone who helped -- and the care from everyone was top notch -- but wanted to point out the outstanding care that we received from Christine, Marcia and Megan on the Paediatrics ward at Royal Columbian Hospital. These ladies were amazing and deserve kudos for sure!

Anyway, here is the email I sent to Global News just now, in hopes to shed some light on the positive as well:

To whom it may concern,

In recent weeks, the Emergency Departments at multiple Fraser Health hospitals have gotten some very bad press. This letter is in no way to dispute the thoughts, feelings, opinions or experiences of the families impacted in those stories. This is meant to share my family's recent experience with the Emergency Room Trauma Team, and Paediatrics Ward at Royal Columbian Hospital.

On Tuesday April 25, 2017, I got a call that my daughter, age 6, had collapsed at school, and was being taken to hospital. I happened to be off work that day, and took a cab to the emergency room. I beat the ambulance there, as the school had called me prior to the ambulance departing for the hospital.  Upon my arrival at the hospital, I was greeted by emergency room staff who immediately asked the routine medical history questions and for her Care Card. So when paramedics arrived with my daughter, they would have all the necessary information.

When she arrived, she was conscious but unresponsive. Immediately, there was a team of about 5 people working on her, an ER doctor, a paediatrician, and nurses. They worked well together and efficiently. I was allowed to stay with my daughter throughout the time she was with the Trauma Team.  Because of the seizure activity she had presented, she was taken for a CT scan, and tested for meningitis. As every test they ran came back negative, they branched out calling for more testing. I advised of our recent return from Mexico, so they began running tests for illnesses/infections related to the area we were in. They looked for everything from Epilepsy to Zika, and weren't comfortable releasing her until they had answers. Finally this morning, one test came back positive for a non-serious virus, in which the related fever led to febrile seizures.

Prior to discharge, they provided me with seizure education, and even reached out to the health nurse to contact my daughter's school to provide the teachers there with seizure education also.  From the moment we arrived, to when she was discharged after spending three nights, the quality of care was incredible! Not only that, but the bedside manner my frightened little girl received was such that only a mother could match.

We are thrilled to have our little girl home, and in good health. And want to extend the biggest heartfelt thank you to all of Royal Columbian's ER doctors, nurses, and trauma staff, as well as the paediatricians, nurses, and housekeeping staff of the paediatrics ward.

These are some of the most selfless people I have ever met. Their knowledge, patience, kindness and ability to do their jobs as well as they do, considering the stressful conditions they work in deserve more accolades than I have words for.

As I mentioned previously, I have no interest in having a battle of opinion with anyone about the state of our medical system in B.C., but only to point out that more often than not, the doctors and nurses on the front lines, get it right. As a society we are quick to point the finger when something goes wrong, but are less likely to take the time to point out a job well done.

Words cannot describe how eternally grateful I am for the care that we received from start to finish.

With Much Gratitude.

Let’s take the time, Global BC, to report more good news stories!

I would like Kerri in your Health Records Department at Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock to be commended for her service to accommodate me with retrieving my medical health records I required. She's a very kind individual, with wonderful PR skills. She's definitely in a position that suits her; kudos to this fine individual!!  

I'm sure you receive a lot of negative feedback but I would just like to share a positive one. I was in Royal Columbian Hospital for a colonoscopy this Monday morning with Dr. Konkin and I would like to thank the doctor and all the nursing staff for the great care I received. Everyone involved was so attentive and kind and made me as comfortable as possible.

Sincerest thanks to you all. 

Today, May 2, 2017, I brought my wife to the Royal Columbian Hospital Emergency Department. She was having heart palpitations (about 185), high blood pressure and chest pains. The triage nurse was very helpful. He was quick and cheerful and made us feel at ease. After waiting for only about five minutes, my wife got called and the triage nurse accompanied her inside. She was seen by Dr. Kathryn Toews, Nurse Stephanie, Nurse Debra and two others (sorry I didn't get their names). They were very quick, very efficient and made us feel really comfortable. They administered the medicine for my wife, took ECG, blood tests, etc. and everything went back to normal in due time. I was also impressed that upon our discharge, Nurse Stephanie gave us some papers: referral to specialist, blood work results, diagnosis, etc. Very professional indeed!

I would like to thank the whole staff of Royal Columbian Hospital Emergency. You cannot imagine how thankful we are for the treatment that we received. Just so you now, today is our 25 year wedding anniversary and the last place we wanted to be for our silver wedding anniversary was in a hospital. But they made us feel special and well taken cared for.

God bless you and again, our sincerest thanks! 

Compliment: I had two appointments this year, one in March and the other in April. During those two sessions I met with three of the staff in the respiratory and asthma clinics at Eagle Ridge Hospital. The first two did the testing and the third – Dr. Blackie – took my history, discussed the results of the tests performed and arranged for a future appointment at Royal Columbian Hospital. I was impressed by all of their thoroughness and professionalism, not only in the testing but in teaching and explaining how best to utilize the space chamber, in conjunction with the puffer, for optimum results. Given the number of patients that were waiting to be seen, at no time did I feel rushed.

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