Written by Marisa MacDonald, Librarian, Library Services

Play Library Games and become a library champion by learning more about the services and resources Library Services has to offer.

This month, Library Services launched Library Games, 2nd Edition, a prize-filled campaign to increase awareness of the valuable information services and resources available to employees and physicians. 

From May to October, Library Services is serving up trivia and educational opportunities to show you how medical libraries support patient care, decision making, professional development, research and even your own personal wellness.

Up first is Round 1: Information at the point of care.

Do you seek information at the point of care? Do you Google when you can’t find information on a patient-related topic? If so, this month’s trivia question may peak your interest:

Unaware of this fantastic tool, staff can miss out on timely evidence for diagnosis and treatment, drug interaction checks with a mobile glance, and patient handouts for the concerned relative: What is this app, supported by your Library Services?

Know the answer? Hint: it isn’t LexiComp. Email library_games@fraserhealth.ca for your chance to win a prize. Not sure? Contact Library Services for a demo of this tool and we’ll give you not one, but two prize draw entries.

Why does this matter? In a world where Google reigns supreme, we often forget to question the sources of the information we consume. We also forget just how much information is out there and how long it can take to find answers online. Point of care tools are one way to make information gathering easier when working at the bedside, with a patient, on the unit, under time constraints, or when you just need access to summarized information. The tool in this month’s trivia question can replace your Google and Wikipedia use when searching for information on medical topics. Talk to your nearest library branch or subject librarian for more information.

For more information about Library Games, visit Research and Library on the FH Pulse. Round 1 wraps up on May 31. The prize will be drawn on June 1. Be sure to stay tuned for more information about Round 2: Finding Evidence launching June 2017.

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